A new generation prop-tech platform like TRUrental can make finding a home on rent in Singapore as easy and painless as possible by providing the best match based on your need and budget. If you are a tenant or a landlord, TRUrental provides a high quality service to cater to you resulting in win-win outcomes. Apart from having access to multitude of listings both for tenant and landlord, looking to rent in Singapore. TRUrental offers creative add-ons like the concierge service provide assistance ranging from managing the lease agreement to physically moving into the new place and even helping
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you get the furnishing done or fixing the utilities.

Download the TRUrental app and enjoy tailored service with “Truuue’s customer care” as the mediators, Renters Insurance and verified Tenants at the lowest fee in the market of S$50* upon successful transaction.
När man snackar om mopeden och kulturen runt den, som faktiskt är större än vad man kanske tror, så bör man inte glömma den där biten runt själva moppen som är tillbehören, som alla vill ha och uppskattar. Det finns en enorm marknad för tillbehör som hjälper både moppens förare och själva fordonet att ha en smidigare, bekvämare och kanske till och med roligare åktur.
GC MOLD, is a injection mold china company, as a Medium-Scale and professional factory in producing plastic injection moulds and mouldings in DongGuan, China which is the biggest area in producing plastic mould in China, has founded for more than 20 years. After year-after-year’s rapid development and good reputation, we are now the TOP SUPPLIER in producing plastic injection mould, die casting mould, compression mould and rubber mould in China.

We produce every mould in International Standards and High Precisions. We adopt modern management pattern, all-sided quality management and service
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systems to assure our mould’s quality, efficiency and life. And we has been authorized by ISO 9001:2000 quality management certification.

We choose LKM/QNM for main mould bases, LKM/ASSAB for main mould materials, LKM /PUNCH/JINHONG/SMC/JUFAN/ANGST+PFISTER for all standard parts. We have CAD/CAM/CAE system for mould design, manufacture, test, and CNC processing center, EDM machine, Wire-Cut machine, high precision engraving machine etc.

We have 50 high-skilled mould and product designers, rich-experiences mould makers, professional mould inspectors, all of them have high-level skill certificates and high-efficient manufacturing capabilities.

We had exported our moulds and mouldings to Italy, UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Thailand, Russia, Iran and so on. Our customers are Ferrari, Ford, Fiat, Volkswagen China, UPG (United Plastic Group), Nuaire Group and Knight and so on. Our moulds and mouldings are expanded to Automobile, Household Appliance, Industrial area, Fire&security;, IT, Machinery etc.

We have perfect and efficient product design abilities to help customers for develop new products and moulds. Our injection systems also help customers to produce their products in order to save the time for development of the new products and catch the chances in the market.

Hi, my dear men andwomen (as we noticed ladies also watch our videos).

Today I want to discuss with you the main reasons why our clients, men,apply to us.

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So what are they top reason while modern busy professionals, businessmenand high-class experts from different fields apply to us?

1) They appreciate their time, energyand efforts. .

Just think: how muchtime you need to meet and identify a l
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ady who is ready for building serious
relationships? How much time do you need for talking with her online first (if
you met her online), to understand if she is your type (I mean her character),
and then to date her ?

How many your efforts doyou invest in this process?

How much money are youspending on it? Dating website’s membership payments or just going out to the
bars and restaurants, then some days of dating inappropriate girl etc.

What you can get withmatchmaking?

Carefully selectedcandidates according to your wishes and requirements, meetings with only those who you like and wholikes you so that on a date you only need to feel if there is a chemistry
between you and her.

2) They already faced scam and othertypes of “getting advantage” of them. Almost every client has his own story of disappointment. I have heardmany different stories when man came from different country, spent much money
on the flights just for 1 lady who he met online and then never succeeded in
meeting her personally. Some other menwere just used to go to restaurants all the time where they were overcharged.
Some even went further when it seemed, they started relationships with a lady,
but immediately after getting at home they got from the ladies request to
provide her etc.
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